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                             SIGNS OF A CHEATING SPOUSE

                        IS YOUR SPOUSE CHEATING
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  If you’re reading this, you likely already have a suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you. call our private investigators in Maryville,While your suspicion may be nothing more than gut instinct, that nagging voice in your head telling you something isn’t right isn’t enough to risk ending your relationship over. That’s where our private investigators in Maryville Tn. step in. We can help you find the concrete evidence, you need to know that your fears are not unfounded. With this evidence, you can then make an informed decision on continuing your relationship or not. Call private investigators Maryville (865) 446-2691


  The number one indication that your spouse may be cheating is an unusual need for privacy. Maryville private investigators, / private detectives in Maryville, / Maryville private eyes,will ask has your spouse always been a “private” person, even with you, this may not indicate an affair. But if your spouse was previously open with you, and suddenly is withdrawn and is keeping things from you that he or she previously shared, this could indicate an affair.

  [Password protecting phones or computers for no reason
  [Changing previously shared passwords and not sharing the new password
  [Deleting call and text history
  [Leaving the room to take phone calls
  [Minimizing computer screens when you enter the room
  [Clearing internet history every time the computer is used
  [Creates new personal email addresses, or uses a secret email address
  [Has a second phone, especial one he or she didn’t tell you about

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  While it is possible that extra hours at work, extra “boys” or “girls” nights out, shopping trips, fishing trips, or other new time away from home might be legitimate, if your spouse is suddenly spending large amounts of time away from home, he or she may be having an affair. If your spouse doesn’t exhibit any other signs of cheating, then you likely have nothing to worry about. But if this is just another sign on the list, then you might want to look into his or her behavior further.
  [Working late, going to work at strange hours, or logging more hours than normal at work without explanation,       especially if extra work is uncompensated call Maryville private investigators your place to hire a maryville private detective

  [Vacation or Personal days taken from work, when he or she was supposedly at work

  [New, unusual projects that take him or her out of town for the weekend
  [Excessive amounts of time spent with a “just friend” of the opposite sex, especially when you’re not included
  [Increased or excessive “boys” or “girls” nights out, especially when you are not offered the chance for the same     nights out

  [Excessive or unusual trips - shopping, visiting friends, hunting, fishing, etc.
  [Plays games online long after you go to bed
  [Will not share what he or she is doing online when you’re not around
  [Has a 2nd social media profile you don’t have access to, or keeps parts of his or her profile secret from you


  The way a cheating spouse behaves in regards to sex can vary widely from person to person. You know your spouse best. If you think that his or her interest in sex is usual for him or her, it’s often a good sign that an affair is occurring.
 [Not interested in sex
 [Abnormal or excessive excuses for infrequency of sex
 [Unusual reluctance to kiss or touch you
 [Unexplained scratches, bruises or other marks
 [New “tricks” or “skills” in the bedroom
 [Unusual interest in sex
 [Abnormal requests for “kinky” behavior in the bedroom
 [Increased interest in porn

  While we can’t tell you what the signs you are seeing actually mean, we can help you uncover tangible proof that your spouse is cheating. Whether you have a suspicion you want confirmed we can help. Our talented licensed private investigators in Maryville Tennessee, can help you find the evidence you need, for Divorce cases,Cheating Spouses, Call Us Today (865) 446-2691

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