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[why hire a Private Investigator in Knoxville],We understand how delicate these types of investigations can be, and it is our ultimate goal to provide our clients with answers to the questions that are bothering them. It is not our goal to destroy marriages. For a cheating spouse,divorce private investigation in knoxville, our primary mission is discover the truth – whatever that happens to be. Our private investigators, at Sterling private investigations, {Private Investigators in Knoxville} 
VIDEO SURVEILLANCE (Private Investigator)

 Video Surveillance can be obtained by our private investigators knoxville of where he or she is going. If you have doubts, we can find out the truth for you. We will find out who he or she is seeing, where and when. Our Private Detectives In Knoxville, provide Surveillance in Knoxville and we conducted our private investigations with one to four investigators, each utilizing their own vehicles and two-way communications. Most surveillances can be conducted with one Knoxville investigator and one vehicle depending on the intricacies of the case. We use high quality video cameras.
“For Peace Of Mind, You Need To Know The Truth! And A Video Tape Does Not Lie!”

private investigator

private investigator


                                                       INSURANCE FRAUD

                                     CHEATING SPOUSE    SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST

                                                       The spouse does not have to be the last to know. If your instinct is telling you something is wrong, don’t  CALL US. Our specialty is surveillance investigation, a  cheating spouse or partner our Knoxville private detectives will go from Knoxville to Los Angeles to New York, to find the truth. Let our team of professional Knoxville private investigators help you get the answers you need  about your spouse or significant other.
                                                                                                     At Sterling, our {PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS IN KNOXVILLE Tn}.will treat your  case discreetly and confidentially. Your privacy is ourmain concern.call one of our Knoxville private investigators,To get started, simply give us a call for a free consultation.
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Infidelity/ cheating Spouse
Insurance Fraud
 Sterling Private Detectives in Knoxville Tennessee, has a team of Knoxville private investigators, that specializes in investigating worker’s compensation, liability medical malpractice claims, and other similar detective services. Our private detectives, will conduct a thorough activity check and a neighborhood investigation on your subject in order to determine their daily activities and lifestyle.

 We will also conduct surveillance on the subject for photo and/or video documentation purposes, which can be used for trial evidence. If deemed necessary, our investigators can also testify in any court proceedings.

 Give us a call and let us know how we can be of service to you. You just need to provide us with important information so we can proceed with your investigation. Our estimates are free!

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private investigator

private investigator

Hidden Assets

Surveillance is usually conducted for Adultery, Infidelity investigations, Knoxville matrimonial investigations, employee investigations, fraud investigations, theft investigations, cheating spouses, divorce investigations, civil investigations, and insurance investigations.

Surveillance is also useful in many business investigations, including employee dishonesty and unfair competition.

Surveillance is extremely useful for evaluating your subject, a private investigator will document their daily activities, determining who they meet with, determining their lifestyle, or for whatever other information you are seeking to obtain. A private investigator will obtain discreet video documentation using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment.
Asset Recovery, is used to reveal the financial profile an individual or businesses. 

In instances where one party owes money to the other, a private investigator can  be used to collect a debt. This includes the collection of small claims and other judgments. In some cases a person may have declared bankruptcy, yet there is a possibility that assets may have been hidden.

Asset Recovery investigations a private investigator also can be useful as part of pre-employment screening for executives and management. They are also useful in loss prevention and uncovering employee theft. Employees living beyond their means can be a big indicator in these matters. Asset investigation are also used in researching the competition in new and existing markets.

private investigator

private investigator

Child Custody
Background Check
STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS a private investigator in Knoxville TN, specializes in child custody cases. Our team can follow your spouse or ex during their scheduled visitation in order to determine whether any unlawful or improper activity is going on during the time your child is in their care.

We will also be able to follow your ex partner to assess the kind of living conditions your child is in when under their direct care.

Evidence detailing the lifestyle choices in which that person or your child is currently living will be given. In addition, our private detectives can also testify on the findings in any court proceeding. Call us now to know if your ex is really fit to take care of your child.
​​STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS, a Knoxville private investigator, provides specific background checks through courthouse work and online databases. This investigation is utilized to find the reputation, employment, civil history, criminal background, medical histories of a subject.

Background investigations are useful in the areas of Pre-Employment, Pre-Marital, Pre-Dating, Business Relations, Nannies, and Pre/Post Litigation.

Call STERLING PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS today and we will gladly help you find what you need to know in order to assure. your security

private investigator

private investigator

 OUR {PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS KNOXVILLE} conducts adultery investigations, infidelity investigations, and cheating spouse investigations. When you need to know the truth, we will get proof of an affair or infidelity, or simply set your mind at ease, contact the professionals at . If you are worried that your partner may be cheating, look for these common signs of cheating: excessive or secretive computer use, hiding of cell phone and personal finances, working uncharacteristically late or going on business trips at the last minute, lack of, or a sudden increase in sexual appetite, being diagnosed with an STD, abnormal activity on the home phone, or claiming that a wedding ring has been lost or stolen. during a divorce, Proof of an affair can significantly alter what distribution of assets and debts a judge deems right, and it can also be a critical piece of evidence in a Knoxville child custody , case after a divorce. Contact Sterling Private Investigations of Knoxville TN. PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS KNOXVILLE today to begin your free consultation by calling (865)446-2691,  private investigator Knoxville, private detective Knoxville, Knoxville private detectives, private